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In a smartphone world dominated by data speed and increasing storage, it seems almost archaic to laud a technology that wildly improves your ability to speak to another person. But background noise reduction, a feature found in nearly every high-end and mid-range smartphone, has quietly revolutionised our ability to conduct conversations on the go - here's what you need to know about this intelligent tech that stops you being drowned out every time a car goes past.

The first thing you might not know is that your phone has more than one microphone. In most cases this will be a secondary or tertiary microphone, and will be placed at strategic points around your handset. From here, simple mathematics is used to create an algorithm that works out just what noise is present and how to eradicate it.

A primary microphone is aimed to your mouth to record your voice, whilst also picking up any noise from around you. In a single microphone circuit, this comprises all the data that is sent via the air waves to the receiving handset.

With a secondary microphone located elsewhere, usually near the top and on the back of the handset so it doesn't pick up so much speecha lot of background noise can be removed. One company making strides in noise reduction is Qualcomm.

Its Fluence technology is built into a number of its chips. These chips are the same ones that are found within any number of the highest end flagships, whilst also making its way down to even a few budget handsets. And even lower-end phones will be packing the noise cancelling technology, although many will be devoid simply because it costs more to chuck in another microphone or two. Imagine a scenario when you're walking past some really loud roadworks whilst on the phone.

Only a few years ago this would have meant that a mobile call would have been nigh-on impossible as you get drowned out by the machinery. Old feature phones particularly struggled in this area, unable to cope due to single microphones and the lack of power that sat underneath the hood.


Today things are completely different as a second microphone can help remove the sound of those road works. As your voice hits the primary microphone, it comes in much stronger than when it hits the secondary.

The two microphones send a signal to your handset's processor, and it compares the two soundwaves coming in. Working out which is your voice and which isn't is the tricky bit, but once that's done your phone will apply a negative sound wave to the call: put simply, it counteracts whichever sound is unwanted and makes it inaudible by reversing it.

This ensures that only the sound of your voice is sent to your contact's handset. Bluetooth headsets also use the same technology so you aren't tied down to holding your phone to your head to get the same outcome.

Another company pushing the cancellation technology is Li Creative Technologies, and they've got some comparisons on how noise cancellation can alter the way your call sounds - it's the hiss in the background that gets hit the hardest, as you can hear. Background noise reduction is also making another appearance on the likes of the Sony Xperia Z2working in a different way to that of ensuring clear voices.

This works instead in the same way as active noise cancelling headphones, designed instead to ensure that the music or video that you are listening to is delivered to your ear drums in the clearest manner, unobstructed by the noises of the world around you, but doing away with the clunky box that adorns most headphones that offer the same tech.

To work, the Xperia Z2 needs headphones that come equipped a secondary microphone on each ear, that track the noises from the world around you. These then are sent to the phone, which inverts the sound wave before throwing it back up to your ears with the external noise reduced. Hopefully this technology makes it across to other handsets and earphones, as it should theoretically be possible to use the microphone on most hands free headsets to deliver the same tech.

This technology doesn't come without its dangers though, as it is used to actively cancel the noise of the world around you to make your audio come through clearer. As with every set of headphones, be wary when out and about - look both ways before you cross the street and all that. And it's not just noise cancellation that these microphones bring: on the higher-end handsets, such as those from Nokia and Apple, these mics help dramatically when recording at gigs or other venues with high ambient noise.

These HDR microphones or high amplitude audio capture have a special membrane that means you don't get that hideous distortion on your home movie, and the placement of up to three mics means that the phone can actually process the sound spatially, giving a more targeted priority to that which you're actually trying to film. Combined with the noise cancellation abilities of your phone, this means that you'll mostly hear the artist rather than the screaming fans around you - and when things get a little louder, it won't sound like muddy audio mess.

So next time you're walking down the street, pass some noisy roadworks and cars and still can hold a conversation Most microphones are so well hidden you can barely see them With a secondary microphone located elsewhere, usually near the top and on the back of the handset so it doesn't pick up so much speecha lot of background noise can be removed. The difference noise cancelling makes. Credit: LiCreative Technologies Today things are completely different as a second microphone can help remove the sound of those road works.

Active cancellation Background noise reduction is also making another appearance on the likes of the Sony Xperia Z2working in a different way to that of ensuring clear voices.Audio hardware is heavily integrated into mobile today too, but an overlooked yet essential technology packed into all our phones is noise cancelling capabilities.

But achieving this can be considerably more involved than it sounds. First, a primer on how it works. One of the basic laws of physics is that waveforms of equal amplitude and opposite phase cancel out.

In other words, if I take at an instance of a wave with a peak of 1 volt and combine that with an inverted wave with a voltage of -1V, I end up with 0 volts. The two cancel each other out. With noise cancellation, the theory is that if we can capture the background noise with a mic, invert the signal phase by multiplying it by -1, and then adding that back to our original signal, we can cancel out the noise. Simple enough. The theory breaks down a little when we leave the theoretical and enter the real world.

Microphones are imperfect, electronic conversion introduces noise of its own, and the phase of the cancellation waveform leaving the speaker might not perfectly line-up with the phase of the noise once it reaches your ear. A considerable amount. This is important to consider when understanding the pros and cons of say, trying to filter out all the audible background noise or just removing the noise around the frequencies of the human voice. Improvements in call quality have a bit to do with this, but crystal clear calls are also down to your phone employing active noise cancellation to remove some of the background noise when you hold your phone up to your ear.

Phones have been employing this technology for a number of years, and it keeps on improving. Noise cancellation is essential for making sure you can hear and be heard while taking calls in busy environments. The recordings from these mics can be used in the way described above, canceling out background noise around you. In addition to noise cancelation, information picked up from secondary microphones can also be used to automatically adjust call volume based on background noise levels and attempt to filter out howling wind.

Many of these features are packed into smartphone SoCs from the likes of Qualcomm and others, making them readily available in most smartphones. Multi-microphone setups serve another purpose too: localized voice for smart assistants. Multi-microphones are essential for locating the direction of an incoming voice.

Clearly then, the same applies to smart home products like the Google Home and Amazon Echo. Alexa implements up to 6 omnidirectional microphones in its design, offering better speech detection and noise reduction characteristics than your typical smartphone.

Popular smartphone accessories from wireless headphones to smart home assistants rely on this technology. Noise cancelling technology is seen as the must-have addition to your Bluetooth headset these days, and with good reason. In addition to the blocking out general background noise, the filters can be tailored to the specific use case of a headset.

For example, fitness headphones might not want to completely block out typical traffic noises for the safety of runners, but those designed for home or travel might focus on a wider range of frequencies. The design includes both an internal and external microphone, forming a feedback network. This actually reduces the total noise attenuation compared to an equivalent feedforward design, but offers a very consistent wideband to block out a huge range of audible sounds.

The demo I experienced almost completely blocked out loud jet engine noises, making it easy to listen to music in a noisy environment, even at low volumes.

The applications for noise cancellation goes beyond consumer electronics. Industrial applications, such as hearing safety can benefit from monitoring and noise blocking, as can medical uses such as hearing aides. Noise cancellation is certainly an underappreciated technology in smartphones. Most of us probably use it several times each day without even noticing. Robert Triggs. What is noise cancellation? Comments Read comments. You Might Like. OnePlus 8 series: Everything we know so far Updated April Scott Brown 14 hours ago shares.

call noise reduction app android

When should you expect to receive Android 10?Noise-canceling is a useful feature when listening to music, podcasts or other audio in public places. Most people like to listen to music on the bus, subway and other places where there are so many people. These places are full of loud noises and prevent you from focusing on listening to your music. So, to get rid of such interference, there are designed applications for this purpose.

This list contains the best noise-canceling apps, which will help you to get rid of extraneous noise. The UrbanDenoiser app will help you turn your headphones into a noise-canceling headset. This app will be useful in public places where noise is always distracting.

It greatly improves the sound quality. Here you can check your hearing. The app will check which sound frequencies your ears respond better to. Based on this data, the app will correct the sound and volume of your music.

You can also adjust these settings yourself in the application settings. The application uses a system of audio amplifiers. This does not affect the sound quality. But, it amplifies the sound frequencies that should prevail in the music of your choice. The application UrbanDenoiser has a simple interface and a nice design. Here you will find useful features that will improve your music listening experience.

Besides, it is an absolutely free application that runs without restrictions. You will not have to make any built-in purchases or pay to turn off ads. The Parrot Zik application can determine the noise level around your phone. So, it will know what sounds to suppress. This will help you make listening to music more enjoyable. It is also useful for listening to lectures and podcasts in public places.

The app Parrot Zik determines the noise level around the phone using a microphone.

How to enable Noise Suppression during calls using Android 4.4 Kitkat to clarify your voice

This way, the app can recognize unnecessary noise and suppress it. If the noise level seems too high for the application, you will be notified.

Your phone may also be able to vibrate to inform you about this.Android 4. Noise suppression is the technology which is being implemented on almost all new smartphones nowadays and it really can be help while you try to call someone in a noise environment. So, if you want to enable voice suppression on your Android device then, you may follow the simple instructions below to enable it.

Continue reading. April 6, Posted by Ahmad Wahid. Enable it by checking it. Now, whenever you talk to someone over voice calls, your voice will be clearer to hear by the other person where unwanted voices will be removed by your phone. Enjoy crystal clear calls on your phone. Tags: AndroidAndroid 4. Facebook Twitter Email Pinterest linkedin.

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Post or article publishing without visual effects is not considered impressive and the post or If you are in the process of auditing your blog or website, what your first Home About Us Contact.SoliCall develops patented technology for improving audio quality in telephony. Our worldwide customer base includes companies of all sizes from big blue-chip companies to small start-up companies.

Our advanced and innovative technology has matured over the years by solving highly complex audio quality issues taking into account challenging demands from our customers. Moreover, we never rest and we keep investing and improving our technology while increasing the satisfaction of our respectable customer base.

Years of experience enable us to provide a professional solution to any audio quality issue you might encounter.

Background noise reduction: one of your smartphone's greatest tools

The fact that our technology is used world-wide to filter millions of calls per day serves as a good indication for the quality of our technology and for our commitment to successful deployments.

Our dedicated professional support team will help you analyze the audio behavior in your system and will guide you on the best tuning to maximize audio quality in your environment. Contact centers are noisy locations and suffer from significant ambient noise. One of the most noisy locations in the call center is the cubic of the supervisors a. In many cases the supervisor is not on a call but has to monitor […].

What is required from a software to replace a noise cancelling headsets? In this post we will review the multiple functions of the noise cancelling headsets and discuss how they could be replaced by a software. Most of the contact centers are very noisy. The noise usually contains human voices like the speech of agents sitting in the background or the voice of the supervisor giving instructions. Apart from being a nuisance does this noise have an impact on performance and can ROI be improved by eliminating this noise?

How much money are you loosing every day due to the noise in your call center? How many outbound sales calls fail since the customer is annoyed by the disturbing noise coming from your call center? How much effort needs to be invested to fix the inaccurate results of your speech-to-text engine that are caused due to the ambient noise of the call center?

We are frequency approached by new prospects with a simple request: could you help us cancel the noise in our audio? Automatic Speech Recognition ASR is a powerful technology that uses advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques. ASR improves the quality of service while reducing its cost. Modern ASR engines are being trained to recognize different languages and dialects.

call noise reduction app android

They can also be trained for an industry-specific vocabulary […]. Skype for business is a very powerful and popular communication platform and is used by many organizations. Using Skype for business is both a convenient and economic way for collaboration. Skype is used by the employees to communicate both with fellow workers and also with people outside the organization. In this post we would like to discuss the aspect of audio quality in voice calls and specifically noise reduction issues […].

Some of the call centers provide service in more than one language. This happens in countries that have more than a single formal language or in call centers that provide offshore BPO service to many countries.

In these call centers calls are conducted in parallel in many languages […]. Kiosks and vending machines are perhaps the most widely used devices that can be found almost in any public area. Their main purpose is to provide a wide spread service in almost any public location.

These devices are very common and their number is not very different from the size of the human population. For example […]. Noise firewall.Now what to do? Worry not! Photo Noise Reducer will give you clear and sharp images in no time.

Digital noise is the distorted and grainy element that can mar your pictures. This image noise can easily be seen in almost all pictures. Therefore, it is hard to avoid even when you take photos with a high quality camera.

Photo Noise Reducer is the best app to fix grainy photos. A clumsy click will be beautified effortlessly with this noise reduction app. With its various noise reducing levels, you can take control of your photos, make them spotless, and share them on any social media.

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This noise removal software's features are simple and easy-to-learn. Adjust the smoothness level and you are done! Smooth Slider is a manual slider which allows you to adjust to the best matching level, making image noise reduction manageable and handy. Control the digital noise of your images with these levels. Choose the most suitable level to fix grainy photos and make them perfect. To use this feature, you need to switch to photo noise reduction app's camera.

Take pictures and direct them to the editing done by this photo noise removal software. You will see a noticeable difference in your images and will love this noise reduction app even more. Photo Noise Reducer is the best noise reduction app, which reduces noise from photos and makes them spotless. Use this handy and quick app to always enjoy 'picture perfect' photos that are not cluttered by digital noise.

call noise reduction app android

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. Duplicate Files Fixer and Remover.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. ClearRecord — The ultimate voice recording App for your Android phone. ClearRecord brings the unique feature of Ambient Noise Reduction ANRwhich allows user to record conversations in any harsh noisy environments like street, train, classroom or an airplane while still maintaining clear voice.

ClearRecord also features the ability to control play-speed without modifying pitch quality. All the voice and audio recordings can be effectively stored either.

These unique features, combined with the ability to record in background, make ClearRecord a must have App for voice and audio recording. With all these features supported makes ClearRecord the must have voice recorder App for students, journalists, transcribers, lawyers, doctors, educationalists and many more. With already 1 million users ClearRecord establishes itself at the next must have app on the list, for both iOS and Android users.

This was also the only one I could find that had the functionality of being able to continually repeat a track. Reviews Review Policy. Version 2. Eligible for Family Library. Learn More. View details.

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